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Rabu Pungkasan Ceremony

“Rabu Pungkasan” Ceremony is a traditional ceremony held / contained in the village Wonokromo, Pleret district, Bantul regency. Rabu called Wekasan / pungkasan because the ceremony is held on the last Wednesday of the month Sapar the kono is a meeting between Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I with Kyai Faqih Usman.

Wonokromo, Pleret, Bantul. It is far away from the center of yogyakarta city, but you can reach this place 20 minutes from cempaka homestay if ye through the ring road.

Execution Time
This activity is carried out once a year on Tuesday night Wednesday on the last Sunday in Sapar.
Purpose Activities Implemented First Time
Solemnization is as an expression of gratitude to Almighty God and to commemorate the first Kyai Usman Wonokromo Faqih is able to cure various illnesses and provide advice for business success or another.

Ceremony Procession
The procession of ceremony began with a night market for a week with various games and booths selling. Peak of the ceremony is a giant carnival lemper measuring 2.5 m high with a diameter of 45 cm. Lemper then paraded from the mosque towards the village hall Wonokromo for 2 km. In the procession was preceded by a lemper soldier of Sultanate Yogyakarta Palace, followed by a giant replica lemper carried by four men and followed lemper measuring 10 cm and 15 cm. Further behind are some arts groups such as salawatan, Kubrosiswo, Rodat and so on. After lemper giant reached the Town Hall and placed on a stage, then the ceremony started and opened by the chairman of the committee followed speeches of government officials in the environment. Then the peak of the event carried out by cutting a giant lemper by high officials as well as distributed for guest. Similarly, gunungan which contains a variety of food were distributed.

Tools used
Equipment used in the ceremony Rabu Pungkasan varies and are generally made of bamboo, for example, to place bear lemper and mountains. As for the meaning contained in the lemper to remind the public that the Sultan is a fan of lemper food.

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